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As countries continue vaccinating their citizens, one pressing question remains: How will organizations know who is safe to come to school or to work? Just as in the case of daily symptom screening, MyMedBot is here to help.

We are excited to announce our new vaccination tracking feature is out! Now with a click of a button, MyMedBot’s 200 customers are able to create a form to track their community’s immunization rate.

What makes our solution special? In short, a combination of simplicity and customizability

To keep our solution simple to use, we have introduced form templates which get users started with a pre-set configuration, not just of questions but also the logic that determines someone’s vaccination status. On the users’ side, the experience of answering a form is identical to a typical screening form – equally quick and seamless. 

An effective vaccination tracking solution could not work without being completely customizable. With varied and evolving vaccine brands, organizational protocols and public health requirements, flexibility is a necessity. Customizability is embedded at every stage of form creation. Does the vaccination protocol consist of one or two doses? Do you require proof or is it optional? Should users be reminded to take their vaccinations? MyMedBot has our customers covered in every scenario.

As an added bonus, by enabling vaccination tracking, we also expanded MyMedBot’s functionality to help schools and businesses automate numerous other tasks. More on that in a later post….stay tuned.

Meanwhile, check out a quick video about MyMedBot’s vaccine feature here.

Track your community's immunization status

Screen your community for COVID-19 symptoms

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