Symptom and Vaccine Screening App
For Your Workplace

Whether you operate an in-person, hybrid or remote workplace, MyMedBot can help you screen your employees for COVID-19 risk factors and verify vaccination status.

How it works

Define your own screening questions

  • Simple and user-friendly, yet customizable
  • Create your own questions, protocols, and pass/fail criteria
  • Use one of our templates to get started in minutes

Effectively track COVID-19 vaccinations

  • File upload allows immediate verification of any vaccine
  • Built in vaccination pass for onsite confirmation
  • Multi-dose functionality
  • Encrypted and compliant cloud storage

Get employees into the workspace quickly and without fuss

  • Speedy form answering​ on any device
  • Dynamic and customisable instructions based on user’s answers
  • Easily check responses at the door with Green/Red pass

Understand your employees’ health status

  • View live reporter data and immediately verify those who are cleared
  • Generate reports and review records with advanced filtering
  • Track your employees’ immunization rate and view vaccination proof

Customizable across industries




Get started today!

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Track your community's immunization status

Screen your community for COVID-19 symptoms

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